Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting Low Cost Home Phone Service is so Easy!

Saving money on home phone service is quick and easy.  Here is a step by step guide to help you save money on home phone service:

1.  Compare prices and features:  TeleBlend offers home phone service starting at only 6.95/mo for the first three months, and only $15.95/mo after.  .  This low price calling plan includes unlimited calling to the US, Canada, over 30 service enhancing features and $10 per month in free international calling.  Take a look at your current phone bill and multiply the monthly price by 12.  Then compare the price you pay to the cost of using TeleBlend which is only $164.40 per year.  Also make sure you include the cost of monthly feature charges like voicemail, call forwarding, 411, etc.  Chances are once you compare your phone bill, you will see how easy it is to upgrade to TeleBlend and save hundreds of dollars per year on home phone service.  

2.  Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection:  Your calling experience is only as good as your Internet connection.  Before signing up for TeleBlend, make sure you have sufficient bandwidth.  The best way to find out is to run a speed test.

3.  You will need a phone:  TeleBlend provides you with all of the hardware you need to enjoy unlimited nationwide calling, except a phone.  The analog TeleBlend adapter you receive at sign up is valued at $60 and is yours to keep.  Any handheld device will work, as long as it can be connected directly to your TeleBlend analog telephone adapter.

4.  Sign up online:  Signing up for TeleBlend phone service is quick and easy.  The process takes about 5 minutes and you will receive your free telephone adapter within 3-5 business days.

5.  Install the unit:  Your TeleBlend phone adapter comes fully configured, with everything needed to get you started.  Simply follow the step by step instructions and you will be making calls in minutes!

The entire outlined process will take about 30 minutes of your time (excluding shipping time).  Stop paying for expensive landlines and switch to the phone service provider that saves you money and offers you unlimited calling and over 30 free features. 

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